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Sonya. 23. Maine

"You don't owe any explanations for why you do what you do."

I've been a fellow LJ-er since 2006, but the last few years I've really fallen off the bandwagon. It doesn't help that I live in the middle of nowhere that has no access to the internet and the data on my iPhone doesn't really work that well at all. I bought a new laptop though, so I'll be able to spend the cold winter days at my local Tim Horton's journaling, tumblring, and just unwinding from long days at work.

I've worked for the same retail company for basically as long as I've had this journal (with the exception for six months when I moved half way across the country to Colorado) and am an asset protection manager. I'm ready to move and find something else though.

Basically, I plan on 2014 being a kickass year full of new experiences and a lot of changes for me, my dog, three cats, & two rats. I'm looking into possibly leaving state again, and finding a new occupation because let's just be real.. Retail is a terrible career to make.

I'm into shows like Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Pit Bulls & Parolees, Grey's Anatomy... My favorite movies at the moment would have to be Pitch Perfect & The Lucky One.

Ask questions. Get to know me.
I don't bite, I promise.
I'm just looking for new people to meet and get to know.
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